Communication is the binder of any organisation. The success of any project depends entirely upon the effectiveness of communication between the employees and the client following which communication within employees, its interpretation and further action taken up. Being a globally recognised firm for mobile and web application development, we believe our communication followed by effective implementation is one of our strongest pursuits. We have delivered countless overseas projects successfully; therefore, we understand and can adjust ourselves according to the client's environment and project requirement. Effective project communication is the only medium to completely grasp & correctly analyse the client’s project requirements. If not present, a balance and a basic resonance can never be set between the client and the company.

Highlights of our project communication strategies

Application Project Analysis Application Project Task Allocation

  Detailed definition of Application Project Requirements.

  Application Project Technical & High Level Design documentation

  Assign tasks among the team members according their expertise and project requirements.

  Sharing of project manager and team leader details with client for direct communication

  We also provide round the clock support to solve issues and support client.

  Selenium and manual testing before handing over the project to ensure smooth functioning.

  Detailed analysis, research, fact findings, and workflow design to understand the requirements and scope of the application project.

  Free 6 months support & maintenance to all application projects depending upon the scale & level of project.

  Application Project SRS documentation

Single Point of Communication Application Project Privacy & Security Application Project Management

  Contact any individual team member to handle any specific issues.

  24x7 Real Time Tracking of Application project is possible online by client from remote locations.

  Skype, Email, Messengers, and phone to interact with our national and international clients.

  Application Project Documentation is strictly protected Online & Offline.

  Application Project Communication is strictly monitored & meeting of minutes are provided to every client for secure details and keeping record.

  Client can communicate directly with the Team or Individual Professional to Understand & Clarify progress of project.

  Basecamp Project Management Software is used to increase the work efficiency and accessibility among the professionals involved.

  To ensure clarity and effective interaction.

  Protection from any 3rd Party.

Application Project Maintenance & Support Check list for your communication plan

  Description of your programme, including the strengths and weaknesses

  Definition of communication objectives

  Main messages you would like to get across

  Description of target group

  A selection of communication tools

  Decide on responsibilities

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