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Revamp your traffics into valuable customers boosting up your relationship with our responsive CRM Service

Edusports CRM, looked after by an expert and professional team, is dedicatedly committed to enhance your customer relationships, successful conversions of traffic into valuable and trusted customers, and overall expansion of your business.
With our team and excellent customer relationship management software, get ready to experience a remodelling of your business setup bringing in new customers, strengthening bonds with the existing ones.'
The days of maintaining numbers of spreadsheets to record the client data is now on the verge of extinction as we offer you a one place solution in a systematic and in a simple manner. We offer you the gateway to a simplistic business conduct.
With our single interface CRM software- Edusquadz CRM, you can-
  • Issue invoices
  • Manage and track leads
  • Handle client data
  • Track clients credit period
  • Send payment reminders via mail or calls

What does CRM software do to your business?

You can get instant reports of your business graph anytime, anywhere.
  • Real time insights
  • Always a step ahead
  • Easy identification of business trends
  • Pictorial reports and graphs
  • Area-wise and client-wise sales overview
  • Promising business decisions
An automated software that allows you ample time to focus on more crucial business aspects.
  • Brings out the creativity of your stuff
  • Focus on important aspects
  • Exceptional lead Management System
Helps you stay in constant touch with your clients
  • Effective client communication
  • Successful call scheduling, emailing, etc
  • Evaluate customers preference and response
  • Constructive relationship with customers

Benefits of CRM

Bridges the gap between the business organization and clients

Fast and effective communication within the business houses and the prospective customers

Guaranteed protection of your data privacy.

Potential lead generation with high chances of conversion into longterm customers.

Effective work managemeny and effortless customer segmentation with improved need anticipation.

Why Choose WeblinkIndia CRM?

  • A unified platform to assist customer support personnel of our clients in providing responsive services

  • With the centralized customer database, it is simpler to store and manage boundless customer data.

  • Simplified software to have handy access to crucial business info.

  • 360 Degrees Customer Support System

  • We enable sales executives to conveniently add and track leads on a single interface.